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A First Impression can be so wrong

I remember, specifically, the first time I saw my friend, Mujah, in the school yard picking up her children.  As if it were yesterday, I can still see that fall rim light created by the late day September sun on her enviable skin and very thick, gorgeous hair.  Oh, and dammit, the woman had these nicely toned Michelle Obama arms.  I sighed, as I realized, “Crap, that is a real person–unphotoshopped.”

Now at first glance, you would think, “she’s probably a nasty person.  No one that pretty can be nice too.”  No, maybe that was just my thought.

However, when she sat next to her at the first parent’s meeting, I found out what a lovely person she was–inside and out.  The person I sat next to that morning was kind, welcoming and an open book.  She has an interesting story, like so many parents that I have met at my son’s International school.  We discussed how she lived in New York, but returned to Rome a few years ago.  Her intention was to be closer to her family, with her children, but found more than that.  She discovered such a wonderful extended and valuable ‘expat village‘ at St. George’s.  As we spoke, I realized I was beginning to make another friend.

As we shared the things we missed about the US, I told her about how I’ve missed photography. I felt complimented when she has asked me to do some head shots and images of her family.  A date was set that we did over two shoots.

Below are some images for her Headshots as she is going to pursue acting again.  Of course, she was quite easy to work with.












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