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A Good Breakfast in Rome

Italy is not all Wine and Pasta.  Granted, it is a country of a slower pace and lifestyle.  It is a place where meeting is the center point of the meal than the act of  eating.  However, the other day, I was able to meet friends and have great breakfast food as well.  Now Italians are not big on eating breakfast, called “colazione” in Italian.  Rather, they just have an espresso and, for some, a smoke.  But, my friend Gillian found a great place called Coromandel located just a few steps from the lovely Piazza Navona. There we also met up with our friend Diana and enjoyed  scrambled eggs, cappuccino and croissants.  All were incredibly good.

Best of all, the atmosphere was lovely and relaxing.  We were able to sit and chat.  We lost track of time.  I allow myself one day a week like this, if at all possible, just so I can try to escape the madness of Rome.

Buona giornata!

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