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A place outside of Roma

So we’ve watched “The Borgias” on Showtime and, I have to admit, I developed quite a crush on Cesare.  I know, I know, that whole family was synonymous with evil, it must be that actor that plays him.  Regardless, the evil Borgias are fascinating and I wanted to take the 45 minute ride to Tivoli to check out the Cesare’s Villa.  He was a son of the Pope, a Cardinal and perhaps a murderer, among other things.

The place was large, lovely and in good shape, after 500+ years.  Granted, the staff was gone, no furniture to speak of, but it was pretty nice and the view was spectacular!

My husband spent his time questioning me if this was indeed THE Cesare Borgias’ Villa from the Showtime Series.  He kept asking why there was not a placard of some sort confirming this.  Then, instead of believing me, he went on the world wide web and got his information.  Regardless, the three of us enjoyed looking around and could not believe the amount of fountains there.  Just thinking about it makes me need to go to the bathroom.

Here are some images….

Ericha - These are GORGEOUS!!! I can totally picture a bride in all of these photos! But man, there is just something about European architecture!

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