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A Roman Birthday…

It has been a long time since my last post, we have had quite a few things brewing.  I am going to focus on the most important one, little man’s birthday.  FIVE.  I think back to 2007, it still amazes me how far he has come.  Why?  My baby was born at 30 weeks.  Well, there was a term given and that was “micro-preemie”.  He was fourteen inches long and under two pounds.  My stomach was in a constant knot for at least the twelve months after he was born.  Miraculously, and I mean this, he really beat so many of the odds.

While speaking of our son and challenges, for a boy his age, he has braved many.  Before five he moved to a different country.  He left a loving pre-school, to attend a pre-school, that we found out was filled with very aggressive and mean-spirited children.  Our little boy was so unhappy, having nightmares leaving him shouting in his sleep.  Something needed to be done and we found him a wonderful school, one with wonderful teachers, children and parents.  It was a dream come true.  The change in my son’s daily behavior, namely sleeping and eating, was immediate.

So, the icing on the cake, would just be for me to provide cupcakes for his birthday to his new class, right?  Not so easy.  For the week before I was looking in many supermarkets and contacting differing bakeries to see if they had “cupcakes”.  The supermarkets did not carry the “yellow cake” mix that we are so used to obtaining, forget about icing.  If you could only imagine how much of my time was dedicated to cupcakes in the days leading up to June 18th.  CUPCAKES for crying out loud!

That morning I had one last place and hoped it worked out.  I could not let the little man down as I promised this as the class’s 3pm snack.  So, I enter the nice establishment and the proprietor told me he speaks some English.  If this guy spoke “some” English, than my Paper airplane experience should get me a job with USAir.  I basically had to launch into my “full Italian” for my order. With the amount of sweat beads on my brow, I must have looked like a marathoner at mile 23 .  After his note taking, he went to the back and found someone, who spoke perfect English. She smiled as she repeated back to me what I ordered.  I swallowed.  I nearly passed out.   It made absolute sense for Quinto compleanno di mio figlio.  But, Victory was mine.  That kid was gonna have the best fifth birthday cupcakes EVER!

In all honesty, it is not about the cupcakes, right?  Actually, no.  He’s just like his mother.  It’s about the icing.

To cap off his special day?  He got his Peyton Manning Broncos Jersey, new Legos and some yummy Gelato.

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