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A Weekend in Brussels

We’re lucky that we get to follow along with my husband and tack on days with his trips.  This past weekend we took a trip to Brussels.  A bit bumpy at first, as I got sick overnight, I think it was the veggie burger I had at a restaurant.  My stomach was queasy the whole day, but I “soldiered on” so that we could do this trip.  I must warn any other travelers, my stomach was even more queasy when I found out about the hidden costs from Ryan Air.  It was a big disappointment and I do not recommend them.

When we landed in Brussels, it was cold and rainy, but we were able to walk around a bit.  I could not believe how much colder it was there than in Rome.  It was 20 degrees fahrenheit colder and I have such a hard time with Celsius.  My husband was happy to find a bar called “Delirium”, which had a Belgian beer our friend, in the US. loved.  It was a very nice place, the guy that waited on us was so nice and gave us a great recommendation for dinner.  But, alas, I lost the card.  Honestly, the place was nice, not touristy and the meal was okay, but I liked the graphic design on the card.  I think that is what bums me the most.

On Saturday we woke to a cranky 5yo.  Here, the boy had a fever.  With broken English and Italian, I went out in a FRENCH/GERMAN speaking country to find medicine for my child.  Oh, in Belgium, 2/3 speak French, about 1/3 speak German and somewhere in there a bit speak Flemish.  Honestly, I have no idea what the Flemish Language is.  Sadly, I struggle with English.  The poor pharmacist was very tolerant of me and was able to give me a liquid medication for my son.  When I returned to our room I was so happy I was married to a pharmacist.  I let him read all the labels and doses, no matter what language it was in he magically “knows all”.  Honestly, he then just converts my sons weight from pounds to kilograms on his iPhone for dosage then, within a half hour, our son is healed.  He’s like a miracle worker with that iPhone conversion chart and syringe.

We were off, in the snow, do to a little site seeing around town.  We did a Hop On Hop Off Bus tour.  We decided to stay on, since our son just needed to relax and decided to fall asleep.  But it was a nice relaxing day, a bit cold, but a good way to see the city.  However, it would have been nice if there was no snow.  I think this would have made walking around a bit easier.  We somehow found ourselves getting an evening cocktail at “Delirium” again…

As our trip continued, we trudged the streets, trying to use broken iPhone apps, admiring the Grand Place, looking at the comic strip painted buildings and searching for the Manneken Pis.  What is a “Manneken Pis”?  Many years ago the Prince was lost in the city of Brussels.  The King had a wide search for him.  He was found on the corner, um, relieving himself.  Thus, they put a fountain there commemorating his return.

For the rest of the trip, it was cold and rainy.  My son was looking in shop windows for chocolates, I was dreaming of an opportunity to go shopping and my husband was wondering when he could get back to “Delirium”.  Only one person had their wishes realized.

On our final day, we did do one special thing I like to do.  Monday was my father’s Birthday.  We went to St. Nicholas Church built in the 11th Century, making it 1,000 years old.  I stopped there for two reasons, one it is the namesake of my friend Suzi’s son.  I miss my friend’s terribly and am missing out on a trip I was supposed to be taking with them as a group, because of this I lit a candle for their safe trip.  The other, in honor of my dad’s birthday.  Because of this, my son lit a candle.  We both gave thanks for these people in our lives, for my friend’s and my dad’s continued good health.  We both miss you all so much!







Suzi - It sounds like a very eventful trip! I love that you thought of my little man while you were there!! Thanks!! We will really miss you on our trip! Thanks for lighting a candle for us. We’ll have a drink for you 😉

Heather O'Mara - Grazie Mille! Should be a great time, a bit “classier” than Cancun.

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