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And it is a Happy Birthday

People reflect on the past when “turning the page” in their lives.  That is what I am calling my Birthday now, “turning the page”, because my God, the word Old is not in my vocabulary unless we are talking about the Colosseum.  Perhaps I have become much like my maternal grandmother, who fights age like an angry gladiator.  Yes, over 90 and she’s still as vain as she was at 22.  Probably thinner.

But enough of my nutty granny, I think this past year would have been trying for some.  In all honesty, I have had the excitement of deportation and the threat of not being allowed back into EUROPE for 10 years.  Well that was only European countries, not from my own US of A.  As I sit here, I have thought of many things I wanted to write about the past beautiful year, about all the things I have been blessed with.  But I guess that is what happens when you are elderly…

I’ll make it super quick and easy:

1.  Know those things you can change.  In life, you deal the hand you are dealt, that is it.

2.  There are people who walk into your life, that are here to move you along and, at times, carry you.  Others clearly are not, recognize this and walk away.

3.  Life is about choices. Always go with your initial gut reaction.  Even though the road is difficult, the journey is worth it and you knew what to choose it in the first place, even before you spoke it.

4.  Home is who you share it with.  After packing up our home, and living out of suit cases for six months, you realize truly what the definition of “home” is.  I know what my home is.  For the longest time I thought it was crated up in a warehouse or en route on a cargo ship.  I was wrong.

As I sit here among the boxes, I realize more than ever, as long as I have my husband, my son and the Internet (I’m being honest) that I am in a good place.  One of the biggest lessons this year was about my relationship with my husband.  I think we were both curious as to how this journey would impact us as a couple.  Sacrifices were being made and there were times when we asked ourselves if it was all worth it.  Sitting here now knowing in the year that has gone by, I feel so much stronger and resilient for the challenges that we faced.  Granted, I still am a little weak on my Italian language skills, but so much better than him.

In closing, I am glad we made the change that we did, moving to Italy.  I know that my immediate reaction was “yes”, but then there were reservations on my part.  I was scared.  I’m glad that we persevered and are ExPats.  I am grateful for the people who I have met, and am meeting, as well as the love and support I get back at home.  Lastly, I am thankful for my two guys.  They just need to pick up all their stuff!

Oh and Happy Birthday to me!


My former Philadelphia Photography Gig.  I’m just trying to figure out What it is I’m doing here.  Yes I miss framing and shooting people terribly…  Thanks to Nicole Peterson for capturing me doing what I love.

My Grandmom Palagruto.  She puts the V in Vanity.

Little Man.  He said that he is practicing to help the Phillies.  He wants to come back and play for them so that they make it to the playoffs!



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