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And we’re back and I am motoring….

Yes, Visa issues aside, we’re back in Italia.  Our son is back in his school here and we are looking to get settled in.  We are trying to go back to how we had things where we left off, with one exception.  I have undertaken what I think it something quite adventerous, driving on the roads of Rome.

It took me a week to even get the courage to write about it.  However, I am first going to tell you about my coping, then my concerns.  In fact, just to find the rental care place at Termini Station was a pure effort in itself.  Then again, everything seems to be a bit of an effort.  Whatever it is you are trying to attempt, be sure to add an hour to it.

I am so thankful for today’s modern technology, I have grown so soft.  What saved me that day was my GPS in my iPhone.  Again, thank you Mr. Jobs.  If it were not for the talking navigation I would not have found my appartment or my son’s school.  However his first ride with mama went something like this.

Before he even got in the car, I knelt down to him and was eye level.

Me:  “We are about to get into a car in Rome where mommy is the driver.  It is extremely important for our safety that you are absolutely quiet and listen to the lady on Mommy’s iPhone.  Mommy CANNOT get lost and Mommy HAS to keep us both safe.  Can you take on this task of not talking until we park the car?”

He looked at me solemnly.

Him: “Yes Mommy”

It was the quietest and most sucessful car ride I have ever endured.

Within a day I was honking at people.

Within three days, someone knocked my rightside mirror off the passenger door.

Within a week we had the window down and were listening to music.

Here is my macchina below…

Now, this is not to imply the following items are not still freakish and frightening:

1.  Romans like to make their own lanes at times and feel no remorse in cutting you off.  In their defense, I have gone from an area with four lanes that suddenly go to two, no rhyme or reason.  Be “On it” and drive with the mindset of “Everyman for himself”.  Defensive driving is for the weak.

2.  The scooters, for Christ’s sake the scooters.  They are like these buzzing bees with a death wish.  They come every which way and drive with literally reckless abandon.  Almost comparable to come sick video game.  At any random traffic light, they surge to the front so that they can be the first to rush out at the first flicker of green.  Seriously people, get away from me, no worries on that one.

3.  Oh my God, the circles.  If you are the least bit timid you could either be on the spin cycle or have your vehicle involved in a hit and run.  I honestly think they would not car.

4.  Lastly, traffic light are an option.  I have seen this quite a few times.  A few nights back one car was stopped and another went around it, just to go through the light.  Bravo, people, Bravo.  I believe the Polizia were probably on some sort of smoke break at the time.

So yeah, that’s it for now.  Before I come back I think I need some sort of detox class from the Italian driving style….


Leigh - Love all of the pictures and your bravery for attempting the streets of Roma! I am sure you had a few glasses of wine after the first driving attempt. I can’t wait to get out there and visit!!!! Love you lots and be well.

Mom - Love this. Pictures and commentary are great. I feel like I am experiencing the streets of Roma with you. I am so proud of all you have hurdled so far!

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