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Assisi: Return to St. Francis

I love having visitors and showing them places I have enjoyed.  When my friend Leigh asked if we could include Assisi in our travels, I was more than excited to add that to our list of “to-dos”

There are many diverse regions in Italy, each has its own offering.  There is something about Umbria that always brings me back.  I love the green rolling hills and there is something about each town that is warm and pleasant.  Assisi is, by far, my favorite.  While it is true it has become even more popular since Papa Francesco has taken his seat in the Vatican, you just need to time your visit there correctly.  I was able to book us a room, with an amazing view, at Hotel il Palazzo and we were on our way.

Granted, while Assisi is the town of St. Francis, it is a bit more than that.  It is holds a gorgeous Basilica of St Francis of Assisi, but it also has several other beautiful structures of note.  Assisi was also home to St. Claire who has a beautiful church there in her honor as well.  There is a great hiking trail that leads to the place where St Francis preached and has a wonderful overlook.  In fact, the town od Assisi was a made a UNESCO Site.  While you may look at the city and think it is one of medieval origins, you will find the Romans have left their mark as well.  There is an amphitheater, a former Temple to Minerva which serves as a church today and you can tour the former Roman Forum that was discovered here.

Did I mentioned my other favorite thing in Umbria? I love boar meat.  I never thought I would say that, but I just wrote it.  They also can do something great with Pecorino cheese.  Put meat, cheese and Sangrantino di Montefalco on a plate and we will be friends for life.  We got to do just that at Bibenda Assisi and it was a great time.  We just made this our dinner.  Lastly, Leigh loves some sweets and I had to make my guest happy.  We must have looked like children at a toy shop window as we looked at all the cannolli and other creations.  However, I have learned, the best cannollo is one filled in front of you–fresh.

As the sun set on our evening, we sat in a square with a merry-go-round and overlook, taking in more Umbrian views…















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