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Assisi: Visiting St. Francis

We had wanted to visit Assisi for quite some time.  A year ago,  an Italian colleague of Mike’s advised him on how beautiful it was and having traveled there with her family.  Recently my friend Gillian went and had a wonderful time, returning with a long list of recommendations.  That sealed it for us, we needed to visit the home of St. Francis.  However, I was a bit concerned given the new Pope.  Why?  I was worried that everyone else would want to check out the place of the Saint that inspired the current Pope.  Honestly, I am not a fan of crowds.

However, we found Assisi to be beyond words.  There was something so warm and inviting about it.  The Umbrian countryside was beautiful and the architecture of Assisi was lovely.  We wandered city streets, visiting the sites.  There seemed to be so many things to find.

While walking, we happened upon a May Day parade.  It was a yearly festival with representatives for each area of Assisi.  It was part of a three-day event, this being one of the last pieces.  It made us fall deeper in love with Assisi.  We also discovered that Assisi, was much older than we thought, originating in 1,000 BC.  Assisi has Roman walls, an amphitheatre, a Roman Temple to Minerva that was transformed into a church.  Also, there was a Roman Villa uncovered there in 1997.  With a history dork like me, we will definitely visit again.




ericha - I love these!! What a beautiful city!

Heather O'Mara - Thank you! We really did like it a lot.

Krista - Lovely photos! I actually haven’t been to Assisi yet, but now I want to check it out..

Heather O'Mara - Thanks! Definitely check it out. It is so beautiful.

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