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Beautiful Surprise Engagement in Rome

When Sam contacted me about proposing to Nicole, I was so excited.  He wanted to do it in the Villa Borghese, a gorgeous park in Rome, and it would be lovely.  The icing on the cake was him wanting me to be that photographer to capture it.  I was very honored to be part of the day.  However, a week prior, I went running through the Villa Borghese to find out that they were doing construction on the small lago (lake).  It was drained and there was large fencing all around it.  I contacted Sam immediately and asked him what he needed me to research.  He was planning this all from the United States, in my hometown of Philadelphia, and I wanted to make sure I helped him out as much as possible.

I learned that Sam is a resourceful, creative guy and developed a new detailed plan.  I loved it.  There was a descriptive time line, a place where I was to begin following them, areas where they may be stopping for photos and eventually the big question.  I felt like I should be in black and wearing a wire.  I was sweating thinking that Nicole knew I was following them up via Condotti, stopping at the very crowded Bernini fountain and winding our way up the Spanish Steps.  I dropped back a few times, as not to “give myself away” with my long lens that resembles a scope.  I could see that Sam thought I lost them, so we kept in touch via text.  We finally made it to the small overlook, it looked absolutely beautiful.  This guy was awesome!

We met up later for some additional photos.  It’s not everyday you get engaged.  They were a great couple, excited for their trip in Rome, for their Wedding and to start their new life–together!





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