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Beginnings of Spring in Rome

Whomever said that anything worth having was worth working for was right.  I feel that each week, each day, each hour, I look forward to the time that I pick my son up from school and that my husband comes home from work.  This is my unit, my core, my little family.  The weekend now has a different meaning for us, than it did in the United States, they are more cherished than anything.  We operate in a strong united front, making sure that we each get to do something that the three of us likes.  We also keep with our pact to explore this Rome, this Italy, no matter how up or down we feel.

We know that Spring is the time of new beginnings.  This Spring has more meaning than any  for us than before.  Don’t get me wrong, when I look back on our seven years of marriage I cannot tell you how lucky we have been.  Lucky in the sense of so many things.  So when I get down on our lack of housing, not speaking the language or my uncertainty on where we sent our child to school, I am going to remember the good things.  Because worry is just is a wasted bit of energy.

With that, here are some images of Spring Blossoms in the BioParc in the Villa Borghese.  Such Sweet Pinks.

Some Images of my guys as we look around the Zoo in the Villa Borghese.  We decided to get a yearly membership.  It was a great idea, our son LOVES it!  I actually saw a Camel for the first time–it wan’t even on a pack of cigarettes…

My husband likes to laugh at my obsession with light.  It was something that always struck me.  Light to me is another  daily work of art from Nature it changes moment by moment.  While walking through the park I was struck by the below, first the light, then the sculpture.  Notice where the light is compared to the sinister looking figure.

Lastly, after spending another day wandering, and playing with our son in the Villa Borghese Park ,we are now wandering the streets.  It is my favorite hour of the day, the golden hour.  It is at this point we start our decision on what to do next.  Where should we wander?  Where should we go?  With my two guys, some Euros and my camera I really don’t know.  Honestly, I don’t care, I just don’t want Monday to be here.

Rosemarie Citrino - Heather, reading your blog brings tears to my eyes. Your pictures are just breathtaking. I hope I can remember your words as I rush through my days and wish my time away. Keep up the good work. I pray for your strength.

Acquafortis - Beautiful pictures. You do have a passion for light…and life.

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