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Being an American Abroad

You can’t help but wonder what impact living in a foreign place will have on your child.  Are they going to feel more of a kinship to this new strange environment?  When it comes time to discuss our home country will that become the foreign place?  Also, as things happen in the US, how do we explain it to our son if they are discussed in the school yard?

As an entire calendar year, and more, has gone by many good things have occurred.  While the first few months were times of adjustment.  We spent a significant time in the UK and I think our son started to like the Brits.  We found a public park on the edge of Buckingham Palace, that I believe our son wanted to see the Queen or one of the Princes go by.  My little ham bone probably wanted to see how he could negotiate possible dual citizenship as he has lineage that came from England.  However, not sure if they are looking to let any Patriots back into the fold.  Luckily, he got over this obsession, at some point, and The US of A won him back.

However, topics about the US have not been discussed as he attends a British International School.  While my son has been unaware of conversations being had on gun control, as a US citizen, I am in constant need of answering questions.  I wish I had an App in my iPhone that I could play back for these inquiries.  Sadly, sometimes these conversations leave me with a hole in my heart.  Because, do people really think that I don’t believe in doing a background check or that military assault weapons should be available?  With that, I follow up with my sound answer and name my Senator that I contacted after that vote.  Please people, that Amendment was written in the late 1700s when people where using muskets.  OK, I will step back from my podium now and take a deep breath.

As far as my boy, I’ll do all that I can for him.  He’s my proud little American asking about our American Flag hanging outside our house in the US.  His favorite Marvel action hero is Captain America.  Every chance he gets he talks about Baseball and the Philadelphia Phillies. When it comes down to it, he loves to dress himself with a shirt showing the flag from the USA.

So, I think the little man is doing good.  He chats up taking his Brit, Italian and Australian friends to the park for Baseball.  I can’t wait to see how this is going to play out.


Anonymous - I love these pictures of Shane. He is such a ham!!

Gail Reed - I sent the above comment marked “Anonymous”. Mom

Heather O'Mara - Ha! I figured that out. Thanks for confirming!

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