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Bernini’s Beauty: Ecstasy of St. Teresa

I had read about it, spoke to others about it, but had never seen it.  Gian Lorenzo Bernini had so many of his work throughout the city of Rome, but yet I had not gone to see this piece.  Bernini’s sculptures are amazing and I will forever be in awe by his “Pluto and Persorpino”.  I found the sculpture to be so amazingly lifelike, with the intensity that Pluto holds Persorpino and the emotion that you can see in her face.

The Ecstasy of St. Teresa is another artwork within itself.  The sculpture shows one of St. Teresa’s spiritual visions with an Angel.  I had heard it was breath-taking.  While trying to find Santa Maria della Vittoria, the church that it is housed in, I started to lose my mind.  Well, at that respective intersection there were three different churches.  I entered one and had no luck.  Finally, after circling and dodging traffic, I found it.  The interior of the church was quite decadent in design.  In fact, I did not know where to look.  But, I finally found the Cornaro Chapel where it is located.  Yes Bernini, this is uniquely a great piece.


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