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Bracciano: A Lake and Castello

Just a quick side trip is all we needed.  Something to explore outside of Rome, but not overnight.  We were starting to feel like we were not doing different things or seeing different places.  While doing some research I found our next destination, Lake Bracciano!  How did I decide this?  Because it had the Castello where Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes got married of course.

Driving into the town of Bracciano was lovely and quit easy to navigate.  We were able to find the Castello and purchase tickets for the last tour of the day.  We then decided to have lunch in a square, which was relaxing and the food was quite good.  The sun felt warm on my face and that the woman working there brought markers out for my son to color with.  Going down to the Lake was nice and relaxing.  You could rent boats and there were restaurants down there as well.  It seemed to be such a nice peaceful place and a great way to spend an afternoon.

When we returned to the castello, there was a slight rub–the tour was in Italian.  For me it was not that much of an issue and good for my studying.  However, this was not the case for my husband and son who spoke even less than I did.  But we went on the tour and saw room after room.  Honestly, it seemed to be excessive and I could not imagine having any event there.  Then again, for Tom Cruise there were probably Wedding Planners and Stagers, hired staff for the hired staff for the entire thing to transform the place.  In the end, what we saw, sadly, was where 2 movie stars had a lavish Wedding and now have finalized their divorce.



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