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Bringing the Game to Rome

My son loves the Philadelphia Phillies.  In fact, when he was born my 86yo grandmother thought he was named for the Player, Shane Victorino.  While it was not true, we are Baseball fans as well.  In fact, they won the World Series the season after he was born.  Further driving the popularity of the Phillies, but the interest of the greatest game.

With that, my husband and son love playing baseball together.  Oddly, it seems that I’m not invited because we balance what needs to be done.  However, this particular evening I was.  My husband was impressed with my pitching and hitting.  I was more proud that my son got to see some of the sort of athleticism that his mom still has.

Further, being in the Villa Borghese you feel less intimidated with American Sports.  I could care less what these Italians think of our wacky sport.  Granted I love a good Calcio (soccer) match, but this was my time.  However, I swelled with pride when I heard an American accent, clear as day, shout at my son, “awesome hit dude!”

After which, the pitcher and batter took a nice refreshing break…



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