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But, is the Food Good in Rome?

I’ve been amazed to hear people, having visited Rome, saying upon their return, “Yeah, but I was disappointed in the food.”  I thought, “wasn’t this Italy, birthplace of some of the best dishes copied many times over?”

When we went, circa 2006, I am a research queen.  I wanted to peel back the layers, that I could, and devise a plan of attack.  I did my own reading and research.  I planned and plotted, nothing was going to stand in my way.  Needless to say, my husband was impressed with my tenacity.  Granted, during our stay I began to realize the many places we went were those in guidebooks, the ones lying on the neighboring tables.  Disappointed, I went a step further, when in Siena I told my husband we were going to a place where nothing was advertised in English or written in any guide-book.  In fact, I hoped, no one there spoke English or at least very little of it.  We did it.  The result was one of the best dinners we’ve ever had.  We still talk about it.

However, I’ve been lucky to come across some local bloggers in Rome that make great recommendations that are off the beaten path too.  But, until I was starving and on the beaten path with my son this afternoon, I forgot what people were talking about.  You know, there were still kind waiters and waitresses, but the mediocre food.  Honestly, I’ve had something better at a mall.  However, in the Centro, it is possible to find great things to eat, snack and drink on in Rome.  How?  Peeling back the layers of a city rich in history, culture and cuisine.  For food tips, check out a listing on Walks of Italy, or places from Elizabeth Minchilli and Katie Parla.  You can check out hard to find burgers and brunches from Gillian McGuire or dive even deeper on Chowhound.  Oh, but what is better for 2013, than a trip in 2006?  Apps of course!  Try, Eat Rome, Eat Florence, Eat Venice, Parla Food and Rome for Expats.  It’ll make your Plan of attack on Italy so much easier!


gillian - thanks so much for the shout-out!

Heather O'Mara - Of course! I love your lists.

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