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Capturing a Families’ Memories

I feel as though I miss shooting people so much it pains me.  No, I am not a gun crazed American.  However, my 70-200mm lens does remind me of a scope.  There is something in the conversation and the joy of capturing people and capturing moments.  When asked what sort of photography I enjoy–that is a difficult question.  There are times when I miss the Weddings, the emotion and the excitement.  As a photographer you often feel like you are armed with lenses, camera bodies, memory cards, flashes, stands, camera bags…prepared to get those best images.  You want to deliver for your client the best product you can.  The same goes for the family shoots.  You pray for good weather, you may determine ages of the children and brush up on age appropriate jokes, etc.  Oh, all of mine are bad, I think they are laughing at me.

Where am I going with all of this?  I had the pleasure of being asked to shoot (there is that phrase again) a family and their visiting relatives.  They live here in Rome and the grand-parents were visiting from the US.  They stayed for quite a bit, but when your adult child lives abroad, it is a challenge not seeing the little ones.  They were able to see their grand-daughter baptized and enjoy a wonderful few weeks in Italy.

Here are a few shots…

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