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Changing times in an Eternal City

It was a warm that last day of February.  The sun was gorgeous and you could feel, see and almost smell spring.  Yes, there was change in the air.  In fact, I think it had been there all along, but it was starting to really break through at this point.  You could just tell by the change in the light and the buds beginning on the trees.

I had gone to see my hairdresser, and meet my friend after her appointment with him.  We were going to hang out, while doing my errands.  We chatted, I made my appointments for myself and my son, and then we were off.  As were entered the Piazza del Popolo, a large amount of bells were ringing in the three churches that circle the Piazza.  This was not  at all normal, as you cannot set your watch to any bell in Italy, but they were all ringing at once.  I looked at my friend and said, “This is it, Papa is on his way.”  She laughed and said, “No way, not enough pomp and circumstance.”  Then she did what anyone would do, she looked at Twitter and saw all the posts.  It was true, this was his grand finale.  In fact, his exit via helicopter was being viewed by others over Campo di Fiori and, it was not the dramatic “Skyfall” helicopter scene you would want or expect.  Within twenty minutes, the bells rang again, he was at Castello Gandolfi, the eagle had landed.

However, a few days prior, there were the Italian Elections.  With the country in “Crisi”, this was a key time for Italy.  A country that is hurting, needs change and movement in the right direction.  From what I was learning, there are complications to their voting process and, much like the 2000 election in the US, there was no clear winner.  But, it was not a recount, it seemed a bit more complicated than that.

During this month of March, with no pope and no known outcome for a new government, where does that leave the Eternal City?

As the sun started to go down last Thursday and people were going about their business, I felt something else in the air, change.



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