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Conquer a Fear, Find a Treasure

I had been to the Alimentari by our apartment many times.  Mostly, if I was out of something, as it was a few steps away from where we lived.  Again, it was one of those places I was scared half to death to open my mouth in.  This was a full on locals only place.  In the was, what I would define, as an illusive Starship Enterprise of food.  The foods were composed of breads, meats and prepared foods.  Frequently, I would see quick speaking Italian locals getting supplies for lunch or dinner.  I wanted to be part of their crowd, but how?  I could never get the nerve up to speak with that sort of confidence.  But something caught my eye one day, my weakness, my kryptonite–sweets!

I had been doing errands with my son and was completely overwhelmed by how good he was being.  Not to paint a picture of an evil five-year-old, but at times he’s a bit lonely.  Hanging with his mom is rather boring.  So, in an effort to reward him, I decided to mount my attack and overcome my fear of the Starship Enterprise in the Alimentari.

I shocked myself by walking in there with my head held high, like I owned the place.  I had been there before and was acknowledged.  In fact, the man behind the counter looked eager to wait on me.  This made me think, were they running bets on when I would finally order something from the counter?  He was kind when I told him in Italian, “Il mio Italian e Brutto” <My Italian is Ugly>.  He laughed and said that was ok, “Piano, Piano”<Slowly, Slowly>.  I then was able to order two sets of cookies selected by Mio Figlio <my son> , with out missing a beat, no hesitation on either side of the counter.  I think we both were pretty proud of the transaction.  I then cruised over to the cassa <cash register> and paid for my sweets.

Later that day, I just thought I would give one of the cookies a taste.  I mean, I had to make sure they were not poison.

Oh. My. God.  It felt like fireworks on the Fourth of July, like a party in my mouth.  I had never tasted such a great blend of cookie to chocolate in my life.  Oh, and believe me, I love my sweets and these were good ones!  How could I have waited so long to approach that counter?  What was I afraid of?  Of well, so glad to have discovered another Italian treasure.



Noelle Andrews - I love your stories and posts Heather!! I have been to many a places where I didn’t even remotely speak the language and it really is terrifying! I think as Americans, the last thing we want to do is look stupid, ha. Congrats on your feat and I’m super jealous that you’re eating all that Italian deliciousness. 🙂

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