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Copenhagen: A Nordic Escape

As mentioned before, Rome is unique.  What is socially accepted here, takes time for an American to figure out and accept.  I am a guest in another country and I embrace the culture.  However, I would be lying, that all this “hugging it out” doesn’t get to me.  There’s the adventure of driving, the battle of the lines (or lack thereof) and hours kept by the Romans.

However landing in Copenhagen, while 20-30 degrees Fahrenheit colder, was a breath of warm fresh air.  I saw organization.  I saw people forming into clean straight lines.  The Taxi driver would not move the cab until we were belted in–SAFELY!  Then, the amount of safe driving was heavenly.  I don’t even think one person cut the driver off or heard a single honk.  What’s more, I felt like when I needed something, things were not hard to come by.  Shops were not closed midday, although Retail stores did close at 7p in the shopping district.

We did get to do some touring around.  We were able to see the famous “Little Mermaid” statue, based on the book by Hans Christian Andersen.  The statue was placed in the harbor in 1913 but, sadly, the story has a different ending than Disney’s.  We were able to see the Royal palace of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark.  With a country of 5M, is a monarchy really necessary?  I looked up her photo and she’s no Queen Elizabeth II.  However, her son did get divorced from a woman called the fashionable and charitable “Diana of the North“.

One of our highlights of the trip was going to the Experimentarium.  Why?  Our son got to enjoy a Dinosaur exhibit!

Lastly, we spent some time in Nyhavn, a colorful Harbor.   We stopped, had a late lunch and my guys played some games.

It was a much needed, relaxing trip.

Nancy O'Mara - Enjoy all of your blogs, Heather, and the photos are wonderful!! Shane looks quite happy and healthy, though bundled up!!

Heather O'Mara - Thanks! To think, he had a bit of a cold and was cranky…

Joe - Lovely stuff. Love that waterfront shot!

Heather O'Mara - Thanks Joe! Could not resist the color and reflection.

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