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Ending our Time at home…

We were so lucky to have the time this summer back in the US.  Our son really needed to recharge, we all did.  We were able to see friends, go to our old haunts and speak tons, upon tons, of Inglese.  It was beautiful.

What’s more, is that I was able to see many friends and was thankful for all the support they have given, and continute to give.  Being flipflopped around has not been easy, especially for our son.  I will admit that worrying for him, you can get so caught up in it, that you forget about yourself.  I think that is what felt so good, about seeing and knowing ,that I have so many people that love and care for me too.  That when I need anything, they are there for me.  These people do worry for me and for that I am grateful.

Now, I have to share a funny moment as I look back at these photos I took when my friend Leigh and her family drove up to Baltimore for the day to visit.  For the day, two hours up and two hours back.  I missed her so much and was so glad to see her when she got out of the car.  However, she brought these big kids with her and I mean big.

But talking to Leigh is like we are either still in college or living in Chicago, eating Sushi and having drinks.  (Insert sigh here)  It is a friendship that never changes.  A communication, knowing and understanding that is real.  We’ve had many funny moments and she has always been a true friend.

So what I loved most about their visit was watching our children play so well in the yard together.  Shane and Trevor, who are one month apart, were Lego maniacs at lunch.  Then all three boys went splash crazy with the sprinkler.  As I watched them together something struck me, maybe it was their interaction, but I was not quite sure.  Then it hit me.  The two young boys sort of reminded me of us.  Two nuts, one a head taller than the other, just having a good time without a care in the world.

It was a good visit.  Lots of USA shopping and now…

Arrivederci USA…

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