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Entertaining a 4yo in London: Part 1

Well, entertaining a four-year old in London may sound extremely glamorous.  But, to be honest, when push comes to shove, it can be a bit taxing and stressful.  When you do it out of a Hotel Suite in London for three weeks it becomes a sweet mixture of both.  Since the time was quite long, I am going to do this in a series of installments.

First of which is to share the great things we did.  Second, I hope that other families can learn about all the incredible things there are to do in London for kids.  Mike and I were thought it was going to be a bit difficult after the bus tour and sneaking him into pubs.  We were wrong.  About what to do and about sneaking him into pubs.


I know, to some Museums sound like snoozefest 2012.  But, my God, London has THE best Museums.  I mean THE best.  Also, most are FREE.  Who doesn’t like that?  Granted, they do ask for a donation to the Museum and the Catholic school girl in me did give them a few quid.  Oh, I guess I revealed too much.  Museums make me snooze and I am a bit cheap at times.  So, if I am this excited, it must have been a bit good.

We went to the Natural History Museum where we saw the most incredible display of dinosaurs, well Dinosaur bones.  But you do walk into a room where they have an awesome “life-like” Tyrannosaurus Rex, oh my.  I am not sure who was more sad to leave, however when Shane told me we only had “5 more minutes”, I knew I was the sad one.


We also hit the Science Museum, which was incredibly fun with an exhibit of Space Exploration.  The best part?  A big piece was focused on the US landing on the Moon.  They had a full size replica of Neil Armstrong landing on the Moon.  I got to tell Shane, “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”.  Of course he spotted the early locomotive area with trains and my Lunar Landing moment with him was gone.

We also hit the Victoria and Albert Museum which is the world’s greatest museum of art of design.  I was excited, but not sure how I was going to work this visit with a 4yo.  However, they have Children’s Trails, from which Shane could select a “back pack” theme.  He selected “Time Traveler” and we were off to explore art and design of the Middle Ages.  It made me laugh how he looked at me and said “mom, we’re not going to really travel in time, right?”  We used a guide specially made for children his age, and in the back pack were objects to help them understand what to look for and interact with.  After we were done with the pack, he then began to walk up to the displays and listen to the recordings about other tapestries, musical instruments and art work.  I was amazed at how interested he was. 

Lastly, the three of us went to the Churchill War Rooms.  The underground bunker where Churchill and his team were during the second war was left exactly as it was when they left.  An odd place to take a child, but they also had a children’s audio guide set for younger children in his age group.  He loved the tour, we did too.  This was the only museum that was not free, but worth every pound.

Okay, next I am going to do some more sharing about the Shows, Parks, Palaces and Tours!



Noelle - I love all these updates!! 🙂

admin - Thanks Noelle! Thought of you specifically when in the V&A. I LOVED London!

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