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Entertaining a 4yo in London: Part 2

As promised, this is the second installment in the 4yo entertaining in London.  As I stated prior there were 3 solid weeks in London were I was the solo daily caretaker of my 4yo busy cherub.  There were days when my husband’s work would have him come home at 11pm at night.  So I really needed to plan for extremely active days.  Why were we here and not in Rome?  Our Visa was the issue and the fact that the Italian embassy made an error in the apostrophe our last name.  It would take them 20 working days to fix.  We were up against the 90 limit of days within Italy, so we needed to spend time in Europe elsewhere.  Thus, phase two of entertaining a 4yo in London begins now…


How could I not take the boy to the London Theater?  I started to look into seeing “Shrek the Musical” and was a bit concerned over the price and his attention.  But after discussing it with my husband and knowing that I needed to entertain Shane, he said we should enjoy the adventure.  The day arrived and we were going to a Matinee at 3p, so I told Shane we needed to change into our Theater clothes.  I think he was disappointed when I only put him in a long sleeve polo shirt and khakis.  We got into a London Cab, which is his favorite mode of transit (fancy man).  The Theater District is bright and exciting.  I treated him to the Shrek Program and he pored over every page.  He was fascinated with reading about the actors, looking at the design and size of the building we were in.  The did not even start and I felt so glad that we were there.  The lights dimmed, the music began and he was transfixed.  Afterwards, when we were back at the hotel and Mike came in asking how the show was, he responded, “It was beautiful”.  I nearly fainted.

In our last two weeks, we stayed in Leicester Square.  The square has many movie theaters around it and several films premiere there.  In fact, both “Snow White and the Huntsman” and “Men in Black 3” premiered when we were there.  I even got to see Charlize Theron, from very, very far away.  On a rainy day, Shane and I were able to go see one of our favorite movies, “Beauty and the Beast in 3D”.  Mike let me sneak away one day to indulge in a guilty pleasure and I was able to see the “Hunger Games”.  Then after some hemming and hawing on my part, I gave in and took Shane to see the “Avengers”.  I had worried it would be too violent or scary.  It worked out fine and like a nerd I explained the characters and their backgrounds.  Especially the Hulk, as they really played that up in the movie before he got ticked off.

Okay, next up is Parks, Palaces and Tours, Oh my!


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