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Exploring Esquillino

Rome is not very large.  But what the city lacks in size, it makes up for in its intricate layers for exploration.  Just in the neighborhoods there’s quite a large amount of things to discover, new, old and really old.  Luckily, I have a little five year old companion up for anything.  However, with the heat this summer, it has been a challenge.

Whenever to asked to try a certain place I jump at it.  My friend Gillian,  is always full of great information, blogging her incredible long list of recommendations and I use her App as a Bible.  Why?  As a fellow Americana, she’s been here six years and seems to have much of the same tastes I do in food, wine and learning more about this place called Italia.  She planned a walk through Esquillino with a fellow blogger, Diana Spencer of Browsing Rome.  No, I am not going to say it.  This is not Harry and William’s mother secretly finding a new life and blogging all about it.  It sounded like a great opportunity to see something new, so the boy and I were off.

We met at a wonderful place called Panella that had THE best espresso with added crema I have ever tasted.  I even thought about this crema the next day.  The breads and treats there were excellent.  How do I know?  The chocolate was all over my son’s face along with a smile.  Their breads were incrediblly decorated, in such a way that you were afraid to eat them, pure works of art.

We began our stroll, going through and finding a small market carrying American foods, like Icing as well as Asian ingredients.  We found an Indian Restaurant that looked wonderful and finally we came across Shane’s dream location.  It was like water in the Sahara to him–a TOY STORE!  And what a place it was.  There was a lot of negotiating with him, at times talks broke down.  Gillian and Diana had to come to the table and make peace between us.  I finally broke down and purchased the little guy a train.  Of course, nerdy me, wanted to get him something more educational.  Our apartment is full of Legos and Trains, but if it makes him happy….

Next we headed to a great indoor Market of Esquillino.  The selection was incredible and they had so many things to choose from.  Everything from aisles of fresh fish, vegetables, fruits, candies, spices and so much more.  However, at that time, the 5 year old was spent.  We made our way back to the square and were going to take him to the playground.  He was not having it.  Yet he looked interested in something, some bricks beyond the fence.  Gillian saw he was looking at the “Magic Door” which housed the area that was said to lead to where the Alchemists made gold.  I could see his eyes widen, “ooh can I go in there?”  What a nut.

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