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Falling in love: Vespas


Hey, I will never present myself as “normal”.  Because, what is “normal”?  As I wander the streets of Rome, there are things that I have found that are points of familiarity.  Things I rely on, perhaps markers, that let me know that I am not lost.  There is one thing that I see after I walk out of the Park, called the Villa Borghese just before I then start the walk into the Piazza del Popolo.  It is the most beautiful…Vespa.

I know, I have complained about scooters in the past.  The way that they whirl past me, as I drive my son to school, racing to the next red light.  They just to rev their engines to weaving in and out of traffice like a bunch of evil, and unpredictable, bees.  So, why would I “like” this one?  I think it is where it is parked each day.  Oddly, there is graffitti right behind…her.  Also, there always seems to be gorgeous light that provides warmth to her.  Honestly, it has begun to be a temptation.  There is something about these Vespas that is starting to look kinda cool to me.

However, in her shiny, beautiful sunshine laden location, with the cool graffitti decor, I have thought she has looked a bit lonely there.  But, it has seemed she is lonely no more.  Why? He showed up…


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