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Falling leaves in Rome

Growing up on the East Coast of the United States, Fall is a gorgeous time of year.  My husband and I got were married on a Fall day.  The weather becomes crisp, apple harvest is in full swing and the world turns brilliant shades of gold and bronze from the falling leaves.  It is true that the Fall is quite different here in Italy.  There are no apple harvests and buying a pumpkin for a pie is a big strange.  But if you walk through the Villa Borghese on a clear day, you may get a glimpse of what a Fall day is like for an American Girl like me.  In the image below, taken there, I love the scattered leaves with their variety of colors.  The beauty provides some warmth and comfort, especially knowing that I’ll be home to visit family soon.



Rocio Sosa Ortigoza - Oh, Heather, the picture is sooooooo beautiful!!! I want to go to Villa Borguese after looking at your pic.

Leigh Magee Hannan - Gorgeous!

Heather O'Mara - Grazie Mille!

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