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First Day of School!

We knew that summer had finally ended and my son had anxiety about going back to school.  I think it is normal, or at least I hoped.  He was plagued by negative thoughts and I was starting to develop a knot in my stomach.  Summers in Rome are rough for Expat kids as many others go away on Summer Holidays or back to their home country.  At the beginning of the summer, I looked at the course of weeks ahead and planned a mix of camp, trips and guests to keep us all busy.

Now perhaps it was the activity of the above that had him a bit off.  However, he did say during a trip to the United States, “Can we live here, but I still go to my school in Rome?”  To that I was relieved or a bit nervous of any airport drama.  What made me hopeful is that he saw his school in Rome as a place that he wanted to return.  As September drew near,  he would need to understand that a commute would be out of the question.

And so, this am, we dressed for school and took the commemorative photo.  Which has been getting very difficult to capture these days.  I remember when my little “ham bone” would pose in a sweet little statuesque type pose.  Now it is all about moving and being crazy.  Today, he immediately decided to pose in a silly prayer for “an awesome Y2”!  Then I captured another shot of him waving at my husband.  It took me off guard as he had a look of uncertainty and nervousness about him.  I had seen that look once before, but I had not placed it.  Then I remembered the photo.  He was just turning one.  He was waving to me on the couch, propped by pillows and wearing a cloth birthday crown on his bald head.  Now he seems to not need the pillows for support to sit on the couch and not roll off.  He is not really likely to wear cloth crowns because that one was made for little babies and would not fit him any longer.  You will also notice that his hair gets quite a bit of bed head in the AM.

While it is true, he is not a little baby any longer, but he will always be my baby.  That sign he gives lets me know he’s got this!

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