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Going to Market

While we had to return to the states to finish getting our house packed and settle some exciting Visa issues, I decided to post some images to the blog.  To be honest, it was unbelievable, and entertaining, the things we were doing.  So yes, the blog took a back seat.  As we prepare to set out for Rome again, I thought I would reflect on what were eager to get back to.

One thing that my husband, son and I had slightly taken to is…strolling.  This is something that used to drive us insane.  We are Americans.  From a place where we are always in a constant hurry.  We need to go here, we NEED to go there, YOU need to hurry up.  Don’t you need to get somewhere?  Then one day WE got it.  WE were missing something, many things.  Enjoying our surroundings, taking in the fresh air, time with our loved ones.  Where were we off to again?  While at home we realized how much time we were able to spend with one another while in Rome, real time, without staring at the tv and have actualy conversations.  Where we talk to each other, sans short messages via text.  They are great and I forgot how to do them!

On one of our strolls we came across some of the Markets which have the freshest, vegetables, flowers and fruits.  Yes, right in the middle of Winter.  East Coasters you may now have envy!  We actually stopped at one of the squares where the market was being held bought some vegtables and pistachios and ate in the sun.  Ah, Roma…


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