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I started to wander…

When we first arrived, one year ago, it drove me insane with all of these slow walkers.  They seemed to just wander the streets aimlessly, arm and arm.  I found it maddening.

Then one day as I noticed some architecture, perhaps a fresco, I think I slowly started to “get it”.  I started to pass the same things, but at different times of day, I saw how the sun changed their look. I started to notice the change of season by what was being sold in the outdoor bins at the Fruitteria and began to notice the same violinist on Via Del Corso.  I would stop in my favorite churches and light candles for those I missed at home or things that I felt were out of my control.

Holy Crap–I’ve become a Nonna.

I then realized that in my neighborhood, those people who were arm and arm–were the elderly being led around by their hired caregivers.  And thus, it has taken me a year to figure this out.  But hey, rather that, than these poor souls wander off or wander into the  dog stool samples left haphazardly in our neighborhood.

Below is a guy that I’ve seen many times in Piazza Navona, on this particular day, I think he looked mighty strong.


Ciao, I need to find my nurse.


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