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In This New Year…

I know it is 7 days in to the New Year, but I was having writer’s block.  Then it hit me.  I need to stop being worried about  writing and focus on the reason why I created the blog.  It is the images I captures with my lens, not my strokes on the keyboard.  I was getting so distracted and uptight that I was piling up on these images, yet could not think of a worthy story to tell.  Basta!  (Italian for Enough!)

So during these days we are in, one year ago, we landed in Rome.  It seems like a lifetime ago.  With 2012 behind us, I have deemed it the year of growth.  We all grew personally and physically.  Now, my husband and I had no business doing that, in the physical, but honestly that is what stress can do to you.  Therefore this year we will take better care of each other and be more structured in what we do.  Now that we have some semblance of order, things are now in a better place.  Here’s to hoping our jeans follow suit.  I am not one for the term “resolutions” as I thought that by February they get tossed out the window.  Perhaps 2013 could be the year of “atoning” for the bad way that I treated myself?  Yep, that sounds much better.

Honestly, I am not going to make a long list.  I need to keep my eye on the prize and be true to myself and my commitment.  Knowing my husband and I, I feel a competition coming on as he has resorted to reading all sorts of nutrition books…

And for the other guy in my life that had the nerve to do lots of growing?  This one below…my favorite future MLB MVP!

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