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It is always bright in Vatican City

It was a nice, slow Sunday.  We decided to try to visit the Castel Sant’Angelo…along with 1,000 other people.  The line wrapped around and around.  My husband and I looked at each other, then kept on walking.  I really want to check that place out, mainly because I know that Pope Alexander VI, you know evil Rodrigo Borgia, was the first one to start building onto  the ancient site of Hadrian’s tomb.  As we walked, we decided to see what all the action was over at St. Peter’s Square.

Oh, St. Peter’s on a Sunday.  That is like suggesting we should get an inside group tour of Philadelphia’s Lincoln Financial Field one Sunday in September (FYI where American Football is played).  However, we must have gotten there as Mass was letting out.  There was an absolute throng of humanity heading toward us.  But when we arrived, the line to get into a tour   of the Basilica was wrapped around several times.  I was thankful for many things, first that I had done this already and, second that I never waited in a line like this.

But, I did get to see something on Sunday that I have never seen before.  Now, when you have someone guard your home, you want that individual to be strong and capable.  The guards the protect the Pope definitely cover that.  But I have serious reservation about their garments.  I honestly think they would blind any invade or attacker, and not by just gouging out their eyes.  Well, maybe that is part of their process, as I assume they cover that one in training as well.  Needless to say, I think it is always bright and sunny in Vatican City with these guys around.  But they could seriously use a visit to “What Not To Wear”.

Lastly, after we left, I saw Phillies’ Roy Halladay on the streets….

sean - incredible shots, they’re great! a few years ago feels like yesterday looking at your images here!

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