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Italy: Up in Smoke

While, sadly, I believe I’ve become a bit used to it now.  However, it was a complete contrast to the way I was used to living and my previous exposure to cigarette smoke.  It seems everywhere someone is puffing away.  It can be on a cigarette, cigar, pipe or these new smokeless contraptions.  Luckily, you cannot smoke in restaurants.  But, with the weather getting warmer, of course you want to eat outside.  I find all this smoking comical and that I am back in 1980.  Have these people not gotten the pamphlet from their family doctor regarding the dangers of smoking?  Probably not as that guy/gal smokes too.

With a son that has had lung issues, I normally would have flipped out and told my husband we need to leave this country immediately.  However, it proved to be a good litmus test to show how well his lungs have improved.  This is not a test that I would have elected to give my son per say, I am just stating a fact.  Now we will all just develop lung cancer from second-hand smoke–God forbid.  Now I need to head to my nearest church and light at least three candles for each of our lungs!



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