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Landing in London

Our Exile has been a lucky one.  I can’t complain on London, I love it.  It’s clean, we are surrounded by history and, wait for it, they speak ENGLISH!  This makes my life so easy.  I was so happy to land here and to dig back in to the history and take my son along, whether he liked it or not, to all mommy’s historic nerdy sites.

I was excited to see that Flag over the Palace, signifying that the Queen was home.  I wondered what it is she was doing in there.  Training her Corgis, watching game shows with her Corgis or, possibly, knitting with the Corgis at her feet.  However, I would later find out that the flag signifies that a Royal is at the Palace.  Then I thought, well were is she?  What is it that she does?  After touring Hamleys, the 5 story toy store and seeing her lifelike image being built from Legos, I figured it out.  She has to be lying down.  Sitting for a portrait like that has got to be exhausting.  Oh, and one of here Corgis was replicated by Legos as well.  Good Show little man!  I wonder how they got the dog to stay still for all that time.

So we browsed around, having already done the “Hop on Hop” off tour when we were here in April.  but, we needed to revisit my son’s favorite site–Big Ben.  He can’t stop talking about it.  He will tell you that it is named for the bell and the man that worked on the Project.  My little guy is quite sharp.  He thinks the palace guards are quite cool and one of his favorite tours was that of Westminster Abbey.  Mine too.  When I walked in, it took my breath away.  The history, the sheer size was absolutely amazing.

So, below are some quick images.  Notice we actually experienced some sun on that day.  It seems to have left us since….

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