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Lazio: Relaxing Stay in Viterbo

While I thoroughly enjoy the opportunity of living in the Eternal city, it can be tiring.  I tend to turn ankles on cobblestones along with the occasional potholes (missing cobblestones) that my baby’s stroller gets stuck in.  Crossing the street can be a competitive sport.  I do play a good game of chicken with men, because I am determined to be treated like a lady and not like a nuisance.  But that previous statement can be featured as another blog entry.  So, there comes a time when you just want to have a break from honking, cigarette smoking  and experience a more gentle slice of Italy.  Luckily, that opportunity came at a wonderful time.

My friend and her husband restored a lovely house in the countryside, about an hour outside of Rome.  When you drive there you understand why she gives you detailed, and I mean well detailed directions, to this wonderful place.  As you drive up you see the rolling countryside and what the attraction is for sure.  Further, upon opening the house, you see how simply beautiful it is.  In less than an hour, I felt like I entered another dimension.

While a bit too cool, I still loved that there was a pool. We, the adults, lounged, while our older son read and the baby slept.  Later in the day, my husband and older son used the football pitch (soccer field) that was made on the side of the house as I made some dinner.  We dined al fresco enjoying the distant sounds of sheep, their bells around their necks and watched the sun slowly dip, ending the day.  The 7yo was excited to find DVDs of movies to watch that evening.  We all loved the big couch we couch fit on, it reminded us of home.

We made the drive to Orvieto the next day, for a lovely lunch and a walk around the town.  That evening ended in the same relaxing way, however, I was lulled to sleep by my friends, the sheep.  I woke early, refreshed, and enjoyed some reading in the hammock while my husband prepared breakfast.  I knew the weekend away was coming to an end and I did not want to think about it….











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