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Lucca: A retreat

I had mentioned before, that during the month of August, Rome falls completely silent.  In fact weekend mornings are down right eerie.  Some business close for a few weeks, some even the month.  I was surprised when my husband told me he had vacation in August for a week.  Oh, and he was delegating the planning of a vacation to me.

A vacation?  In Mid-July I am to plan a vacation in a country when everyone is at the beach, oh I mean the sea, and I am supposed to find lodging?  Positano was out, among other places that I wanted to go.  It was not looking good and I really did not want to be stuck in hot Rome.  So I looked elsewhere, to a place I have wanted to go, Lucca.

Since we were traveling with our son, I wanted to make the place had a pool and dining was close or on site.  We did not need to stay in town and I found this all at a wonderful Villa just outside of Lucca. When we arrived, there were boys my son’s age and the restaurant served, breakfast, lunch and dinner.  My husband was glad they had Wi-Fi and we also enjoyed the locally made wine.  It was wonderful.  More importantly, being in the Tuscan hills, it actually got a bit chilly at night.  The Villa was surrounded by vineyards of Olives and Grapes, used on site.  The sunrise and sunset views were beautiful.

But other than lounging poolside, checking out olive trees and sampling wine, we did go into Lucca.  Of all the Tuscan towns, the walls are still intact. Now, instead of being used for military defense, they are for biking and pedestrians.  We rented bikes and were able to have a great view of the town and surrounding views of the country side.  The beautiful church, San Michele in Foro, was stated to have been built on the location of the Roman forum.  It’s construction began in the 11th century and completed in the 14th.  The time frame amazes me, thinking of the generations who worked on this structure and never saw the completion.  Further in Lucca is a Roman amphitheater, art from the Renaissance and you see the impact on the town from the Napoleonic age.  Napoleon conquered Lucca and the principality was given to his sister.  We had lunch in the Piazza she named, for him, Piazza Napoleone.  I’ll have to ask my brother what he’ll name for me one day…

Leigh - AMAZING pics!!!

admin - Thanks Leigh! I think I was so taken my Lucca, that I did not take as many photos as I thought…

argone - I loved Lucca because it’s so quiet compared to some other Tuscany towns … and these walls are great for biking or walking …

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