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Mommy’s Mr. Fancy Man

Yes, he’s been known to now utter things like “can we just take a cab?”, “where’s the hotel?” or “Let’s just get room service…”.  My, my little one, who are you?  Now to the naked eye you would think that a person without a Visa’s life is pretty posh.  I mean, he obviously is having a nice time, I guess.  But we had to leave Italy, again, and got to London, where he has been to many great museums and even was able to see “Shrek the Musical”!  I think his favorite part is immitating what he believes to be the Queen’s wave.

Honestly, we don’t have too much to complain about.  However, as a mother, I just desperately want him settled.  I also dread what the price of his therapy bills will be when he is older.  However, he loves the school he started after his Easter Break.  Within the first few days he was telling me about his new “best friends’.  Since that week the sun began to shine a little brighter and the weight on my shoulders was a little lighter.

So, all I want for this Mother’s Day is an expedited Visa.  Because when Momma is happy–everybody is happy!

Oh, what is the hold up this time?  Funny you should ask.  My husband’s last name is of Irish descent and contains an Apostrophe.  When they completed the Visa documents, it was determined they were completed without an apostrophe and did not match his Passport. Now the Italian Embassy needs to redo them.  This will take 20 days.  20 WORKING days.

So, it is almost time for tea and a biscuit here.


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