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Oh Rosetta…

I’ll admit that is a city as beautiful, amazing and exciting as this, I’ve been suffering.  Suffering from a sort of creative block.  So odd, I know.

I think it is a combination of many things, most likely my being overwhelmed.

Let’s face it, it is not everyday that you pack three individual’s lives into a few suitcases for a couple of weeks and say–“Yes!  Let’s live out of this hotel room!”  I mean in the beginning it is great.  People cleaning up after you, making your bed, delivering new towels and doing your laundry, if you so wish.  We have a gorgeous view of the Villa Borghese Park.  From our windows we can see the Zoo that is inside that park, you cannot beat it.  Within the park there are winding paths, greenery and when you come to the end, to your left is the Spanish Steps, on the right is a wonderful view of Roma.

We’ve been looking for a place to live, eating out almost every night and looking for a school for my son.  In fact he started this week.  Which is a complete relief, especially to him.  I can only be so entertaining for so long.  As for the housing front, we think we may just have that special place, just have to work through the final lease.  So annoying.

But, even if things are moving along and it is 50 degrees here each day, there are certain things that Rome just does not have.  I miss them terribly.

I want to walk into a grocery store, know what items are and buy food to cook for my family.  When I buy what I think is Balsamic vinegar I do not want to have to squeeze it and find it is some sort of ketchup like substance.  Thus, ruining a nice kick to the already bad dish I was making.

I miss turning on the TV and understanding what they are saying….  Making headlines up with my husband can only entertain us for so long.  Then you start to realize how stupid you are letting yourself become or maybe how stupid you really are?  But, you continue to sharpen your creativity, so that does have a great upside.

I long to walk into a cafe and not be PARANOID that I am going to make an absolute American Idiot out of myself.  I was already laughed at when I did something wrong ordering/paying for a darn cappuccino and I still have not recovered.

So I guess all I need to do is sit back and dive into Rosetta Stone.  Oh Rosetta, help me Rosetta, you are my only hope…



Gail Reed - Beautiful picture. I assume it is the Vatican. How close were you? Keep taking pictures. I really enjoy them.


LYNN DAVIS - Hi Heather, your pictures are beautiful . How’s Shane doing in school? Does Mike work everyday? You must be lonely without a tv. Can you use dvd on your laptop ? I’ll send you some. Tell everyone we said hello. Frank and Laura’s baby should be here soon. Take care…. Aunt Lynnie

Rosemarie Citrino - Picture is FABULOUS! I think of you all the time and hope that you adapt quickly! Take care!

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