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Parental Visit: Florence

So, it’s true my parents did cross the Atlantic and came for a visit.  Now, if you know my dad this is not shocking at all, he’s a relaxed guy who just puts my mom in charge.  Meaning, my mother, granted she would do this, but only after extensive research.  Oh the research, of which she did and came quite prepared, and I was thankful.  The reason is, I wanted to make sure I delivered a good experience during their time in Italy.  Honestly, Italy is an “experience”.  You experience art, culture, food, people and so many other things.  I really wanted to know their priorities.  So, to narrow the field, I crafted an Itinerary, booked rooms and booked some tours.  The good thing was I was able to book tours for things my husband and I were unable to experience during our other visits to the places on our lists, so we were eager to go as well.

Day one began when they arrived.  Flying to Italy is not easy as you skip over many time zones. When we got them to our apartment, our son gave them a tour.  He was like a Mexican jumping bean, eager to see them and very cute.  We then cruise through a portion of the Villa Borghese, onto the Piazza del Popolo.  We viewed the Spanish Steps, Bernini’s legendary Fountain and took them to the Trevi Fountain.  However, I was not getting the “oohs and aahs” I was looking to illicit from my mother.  Seriously lady, I was really looking forward to you liking these things.  Then it hit me, she was jet lagged, did not sleep on the plane and is quite my senior.  So, I went easy on her, looked at my husband and we both decided to pile everyone in a cab.

The next day we were off to Florence.  The beauty of Florence and all its treasures were something I was eager to see again.  I had wondered what my parents would think of what I appreciated or would they be bored with my dull gazing at paintings.

Oh contraire!  My mother had the serious contemplative stare of Rodin’s “Thinker” while in the Uffizi.  I was even getting bored in there.  Yes, ME!  They stupidly reconfigured the place by putting all the awesome Botticelli’s, Michelangelo’s, etc in the front of an flow of the place.  It was like showing the grand finale of the fireworks display–first.  I did not have the heart to tell her, the rest of this is second tier.  However, my God, they had us trapped.  You could not get out and were forced to see all the fireworks in reverse.  I say this because there was a rude guided tour going on.  It was huge and they were a bumbling cavalcade about to run people over.  There could have been something wonderous to see, but I was too busy trying not to get run over by The Horde, then blocked by their throng and too short to see over them.  Sadly in the Uffizi you cannot take photos.

The next day we went to the Accaddemia to learn about the beautiful art work stored there.  My wonderful 5yo loves tours.  He really is an amazing kid, with a thirst for learning.  He intently listened to a 1.5 guided tour in– and ART museum.  He learned about Michelangelo and a few other  sculptures and paintings.  It was time for me to be in “The Horde” and for me to take in everything to guide said while blocking everything.  Sadly, the our little boy fell asleep just before we got to see David and his bum.  I guess he was not that into the tour and this was his way of rebelling.  I’ll take it.  What their  a favorite saying at the Accaddemia “NO FOTOGRAFICA!!”  Seriously people?  The outside is nothing to look at either, I mean it looks like a warehouse.

We enjoyed the Duomo and the facade of the Florence’s Basilica.  We crossed the Ponte Vecchio and viewed the gold for sale.  My husband and I enjoyed some time to ourselves, while my parents enjoyed some time with their grandson.  I think my parents did love the ease of Florence and learning more and its history.  Here are some images from our stay…



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