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Photography: Finding Shooting Light in Rome

I love to stroll the streets, view the architecture in various neighborhoods and at differing times of the day.  In fact, different times of the year.  The light changes with the sun based on where it is in the sky.  As we enter fall we still have that golden light in the mornings.  I love the way it envelops the buildings and warms the greenery growing down the walls.  The sun is not as harsh now as it is in the winter, it has a golden look.

This morning I went on a walk down one of my favorite streets.  I love via Margutta.  It was the place where Joe Bradley’s apartment was located in Roman Holiday, a movie that my 6yo son and I like to watch.  It truly is a gorgeous street and one that my husband and I stayed on during our first trip to Rome in 2006.


Via Margutta 

While walking I began to take a photo of the hotel my husband and I stayed in called Hotel Forte.  The aware photographer that I am, I saw someone pop into my frame.  My goal was to have the light in the lower right. However, I saw it was a Wedding couple and I took the photo anyway.  I was taken by the unbelievable rim light and was impressed that the photographer was going to shoot it.  Then I realized he wasn’t coming to my side of where the light was coming.    He was going to have them look into the direct sun.  I was salivating at the image I would take and basic direction I would give the couple.  I think my lenses all sighed for me.  So cute, like a little band of brothers.  However, this was not my shoot.

To make myself better, I quickly took this.


It’s amazing how much I miss shooting “pretty pictures”.  But in the end, it is all about seeing how happy they would make people.  This morning, this is what made me happy.


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