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Pisa: A visit

As a US citizen, I know almost every Italian Restaurant in the States has images from Venice, Rome or Pisa.  What are they?  The Rialto Bridge or possibly a Gondola, the Colosseum and the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  Now on our visit to Rome in 2006, we saw three of the, prior named, four sites.  We did not visit Pisa, due to the distance from my carefully planned trip and advice saying there was not much to see.  Now living in Italy I wanted to determine if that was true.

Now I have heard that you should not be fooled by the “Field of Miracles” that Pisa is a very nice University Town, so I don’t want to throw it completely “under the bus”.  We were with a five-year old that was not allowed in the Leaning Tower, you needed to be ten years old. Also, the admission was fifteen Euros, which I do understand.  But it has been declared a UNESCO site and having an opportunity to marvel at this preserved medieval area, you will see why.  It is unfortunate that the area has been disgraced by cheap vendors and that the parking lots that lure you in the minute you get into town.  I felt like I was at a sports event.  Then again, the 95 plus degree heat did not help.  So we came, we saw, we left.  My favorite?  Looking inside the Duomo and viewing its beauty.


Just beyond the bend, enter into the Field of Miracles, you see the beauty of the sites.  Granted, there are still vendors on the sides of the square.  But the area itself is beautiful.

And the Leaning Tower….

And now, the beautiful Duomo.  The Coffered Ceilings were amazing.

argone - I have posted something about Pisa too on my blog today … same town, different views … I like yours !

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