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Ready for the NFL

It has been a long off-season for these two.  However, with the podcasts that they listen to about football with trades,  training camps, injury reports and preseason, I think they are ready.  They have been meticulously studying and have drafted two strong teams for the both of their Fantasy Football Leagues and they are ready to take the field.  What’s more is this has been a wonderful bonding experience for these football nuts and more time for me to spend on Pinterest.

With this season Opener between Baltimore Ravens and the Denver Broncos, my husband is glowing.  He has  been a Broncos fan since he was a kid.  My son is excited, well just to watch football.  I almost think our son will be torn.  Knowing him and his “fairweather-ness” he will side with whomever is ahead at any given moment (sorry Mr. Peyton Manning).  However, and here is the rub, we have a time difference of 6 hours with the East Coast.  Further, due to some hiccups of sports schedules in Baltimore, the game cannot be played there and needs to open in Denver, giving us two more hours.  Yes an 8 hour delay.

My guys have waited until today to watch what the world already knows.  I had to “clean” my husband’s iPhone and iPad in the case that he received any notifications overnight that would spoil his watching and experiencing it in real-time.  This is happened before and it was ugly.  As for last night’s outcome, yes, I know.




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