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Remembering their Roman Holiday….

When Darryl contacted me about scheduling a “photo shoot engagement”, I was REALLY excited.  I had done one before and it was so exciting, I felt like I was getting engaged.  But that is besides the point.  Darryl needed to break it to me gently, I would not be capturing a sweet, tender moment where he would be getting down on one knee.  Instead, he told me that he’d done that already.  After I offered a heartfelt congratulations, he told me that this was a trip to celebrate their upcoming marriage.  With the timing of the Wedding and work needed, and the work required with their actual jobs, this was just the best time of year for them to take the trip.  Honestly, I think this was a smart thing to do.  I remember trying to plan the Wedding and also trying to think about a Honeymoon.  Our heads were spinning about destinations, costs and what we would do.  This couple was pretty smart in my book.

As Darryl and I corresponded, he was open to a variety of suggestions.  I had to think through many things, as there is a multitude of monument refurbishing projects currently on in the city.  Walking around, I want to invest in a hard hat and safety glasses.  As for earplugs, they are always a good investment due to the honking.  The cleansing of the Colosseum is taking a bit of time, forget the Spanish Steps and, my God, do not ask about the Trevi Fountain.  But, and to quote Darryl, I “worked my magic”.  We did some time with the Romans and then ventured into my favorite neighborhood, Monti, for Gelato.  We then bid buonnotte  so they could further fall in love with the Eternal City.  Rome is a place, that after almost three years, I call my home.










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