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Roma: The Foro, Colosseo, Dungeons..oh my!

Living in Rome for three years, you cover the basics early on.  We took our son to the Colosseo within the first weeks we moved here.  He was 4 and he became hooked on learning more about Romans and his new adopted city.  With our own love for history, we were overjoyed that he shared our passion.  We were sure to embrace the city like spoiled children going on every tour possible, as we tried to leave no stone unturned.  It was nice to show these things to our son and to discover things we had not seen on our own travels to Italy.

I will admit that I became more than spoiled.  I took my parents and inlaws on wonderful tours when they visited, showing them great sites.  I loved taking my nephews to see the Pantheon and relished the day sitting out when guests visited the Vatican Museums–it was overwhelming.  Yet, there were pieces of the Colosseo that I had not seen and I wanted to get a glimpse of.

Lucky for me I went with The Roman Guy  on their “Colosseum: Dungeons, Third level and Arena Floor” tour who delivered detailed information on the meeting place.  Even though I lived in Rome, I was very relieved to be able to easily find my group.  After checking in, the guida turistica (tour guide) introduced herself and warmly shook my hand.  Within minutes the tour began, starting along the Via dei Fori Imperiali and with it an amazing mix of information, some of which I know but more of which I had not.  We then made our way to the Forum, looking upon my favorite places and learning more things new to me.  I loved the presentation style of this guide and found her so passionate for her job.  We progressed on to the Palatine Hill and I was shown parts that I had not seen before and given information and I had not heard.  Even better was her usage of a hand-held flip chart showing you what these spaces looked like in times past.  How was she so prepared?  She has a Ph.D. in Archeology.

Lastly, my favorite portion of the tour began.  While I had been to the Colosseo 3 times prior, I had wondered, what do those Dungeons look like?  Further, what are the view like from that upper level?  Our tour group was able to see all those good things.  I am not sure of my favorite piece of the experience, but you can see some of this experience in my images below.






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