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Rome is an Empty Place

It has been so hot this August.  Ironically, and apparently every summer, the Italians leave.  The first time I heard this I thought it was crazy.  However, when the days were cresting the mid 90s and never going down, I knew why.  It was miserable.  Much like Dante’s Inferno and the Italian news stated “Lucifer returns”.  I guess with a vengeance.  We would go out in the morning and not leave the house again until dinner time.  Oh and many shops and restaurants close for…weeks!  Even my hairdresser, whom I LOVE, went away for three weeks.  I was so thankful that he worked me in on his last Saturday–love, love him.  He was going to London with his sister and he used my series on “How to Entertain a 4yo in London”.  He said it was helpful.  Again, he makes me laugh and I’m glad he got the Oyster Card, I do wonder if he went to see Shrek…

On another note, the common sign you see and the 5yo cooling off with a buddy!  The signs posted state when they re-open.  Pretty nice length of time to hang out in your Speedo.


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