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Rome: They wrap it up


At first when things like this happened in the mall, it made me laugh.  I assumed it was because I was American or spoke little to no Italian, etc.  Ok, I do walk around with a guilty conscience and a small chip on my shoulder.  Then when we went into a larger “Everything” store, (sort of like a Target) and then did this, I almost laughed out loud.  What is IT?  They take a stapler and staple your bags shut.  As in, “do not steal from our store.  All shoppers are guilty until proven innocent.”

Now, I “wrote it off” in the mall.  My favorite was when a British friend was really insulted and said “do I look the like I am going to ‘pinch’ something?”

But, when I went to a nicer department store, like la Rinascente and bought a wallet, they placed a sticker on the bag with the strength of duck tape.  No, I am serious, I needed scissors to free my purchase when I got home.

I wonder if this is caused by the Crisi or  to prevent an outbreak of sticky finger syndrome.


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