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Rome’s Simplicity in Trastevere

Rome is a rich and beautiful city, with many interesting layers.  Within the year, in which we have lived here, I feel that I have only scratched the surface.  My son and I have enjoyed a book, for children, entitled “This is Rome”.  I do try to check off a list I have made of the things it has described to see in Rome.  It unveils a beautiful story of Rome’s origins and brings it to life, up to the present day.  My son loves me to read it.  It has increased his curiosity in the place in which he lives.

We have been many places in the city and have watched “Roman Holiday” many times, another favorite of my son.  But seeing monuments are just a small slice.  There was one site that is something that is by chance.  In the area of Trastevere, it is quoted in the book, is “where the real Romans live”.  In fact, when they place a blue bow on the door “when a new little Roman is born”.  I was never sure if either one was true.  Finally, finally I had the opportunity to see this site of the bow placement!  What’s more?  I was just quoting the book to my visitor, you would have thought I planted it there.




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