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Sights and Sounds in the Piazza della Rotonda


Rome is the Eternal City, on that never really changes, over the course of centuries.  I love walking the streets in the historical center, passing the water fountains, the coffee bars and just taking in the people watching.  Piazzas are wonderful places to do just this as these are meeting points that have been here for centuries.

On a recent walk the street emptied into Piazza della Rotonda.  Before it did so, I could slowly see an important and famous silhouette forming in the distance.  The large shape was a building that is pretty famous and called the Pantheon.  Its age is unknown, but we can at least start with 2K years.  It amazes me to see the tourists stare in wonder, understandably so, while Romans just walk by as it is an everyday occurrence.  Next, you have an Egyptian Obelisk that is placed on top of a fountain.  Yes, this Obelisk traveled all the way from Egypt, because as the saying goes “to the victor goes the spoils”.  And this piece belonged to the ancient King Ramses II, so that is not exactly brand new either.  However that obelisk was just placed on the fountain in 1711, a fountain that was built and completed in the square in 1575.  In this square is a collection of open air cafes and restaurants, but you are definitely paying for the view.

With all that history and all the beauty it is no wonder that people enjoy a leisurely stroll, a meal or sitting by the fountain just to hear the water rush from the aqueducts.  I was observing the three couples by the fountain, all at differing stages in their lives.  I wondered what they had done today to enjoy Rome.  However, in the photo above, do you think those pictured are really aware of what is really around them?  But, my favorite is the guitarist.  His wonderful music filled the space and he had a growing crowd, which was forming behind me.  He was no dope, knew what potential was around him and was out to fill that open guitar case with Euros…. In this time of the Italian Crisi, well done!

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