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The International School Year Begins…

The little man is off to school.  Seems like just yesterday we brought home our little premature baby and were frightened to death.  We had stacks of medicines and were keeping track of his care with a laptop featuring–a spreadsheet.  Ah, I love a good spreadsheet.

But now, he’s five and it is time to start a new journey with its own sets of challenges.  We have observed our blessing of a very confident and outgoing child quickly growing up.  I would like to stress the outgoing.  When he started at this school, late last spring, the teachers stated how he blended in well right away, able to make friends, even at this late stage in the school year.  But, Going into this year would be known as “Kindergarten” in the US, but the British Education system calls it “Year 1”.  He is now out of the “Dragons” class, shedding the green polo shirts, and now moves into the clothes that the older children wear.  I was glad that several friends he had last year are in his class and know that he will be going back to the place he became familiar with last spring.

Here are some photos of the little man before he left for school.  Mr. Macho could not wait to go.  Although he acted silly being “sad” he said he was really “happy”.  I knew he could not wait to get away from me and hang out with kids.  I even get bored with myself as well.  However, a funny thing happened on the way to the classroom.  When they were filing in, he grew concerned in the chaos of the school yard.  His friend’s mother got his hand and linked us together.  There was an odd look in his eyes.  It was a distant mix of sad, scared, not knowing what lay ahead.  But I just gently squeezed his hand as if to say, “Don’t worry little man, the best is yet to come”.  The principal helped the Year 1 classes in and I watch his little down trodden face go up the walk.

He probably forgot about me by snack time.

I dread peeling him from the jungle gym when I go to pick him up…

Leigh - What a handsome dude! Hope his first day was great and hope you enjoyed some time to yourself.

admin - Thanks! He was exhausted afterwards and told me he was sad we did not “have a proper goodbye”. My son, Prince Harry, returns.

Maryann Deegan - Hi Heather, Just a little note to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. You are a such a wonderful writer who makes the reader feel they are right there with you (I wish)! I know your Mom and Dad are counting the days until they can hug that HANDSOME little guys of yours……Good luck with this journey and KEEP WRITING!!!!! Hope I did this correct??????? xo Maryann

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