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The Killers: A Concert, Castello and Villafranca di Verona

When my husband announced the weekend he had planned for us, I was not really sure what we were in for.  However, seeing The Killers, at a Castle right outside of Verona?  Yes, yes I was interested.  All I needed to do was score the lodging and we were set.

I will not lie to you here, Rome is not down the street from Verona.  We did log quite a long drive to get there.  We also hit several pockets of traffic, making our trip turn into a six and half hour ride.  I found comical my husband little faith in my knowledge of where the Castello was as we arrived in Villafranca di Verona.  The tricky thing with Concerts, and their respective venues, is that they are not really in the heart of the main cities (ie Verona, Bologna).  Also, my husband thinks I have no idea what I am doing.  However, when we turned the corner and saw the venue, it was a pretty cool site.

Our son got to “tail gate” with Ice Cream, while we had some liquid refreshments.  The 5yo now says things like “Dude, I can’t wait to rock”.  Thanks to my husband. When we got to the castle, it was an open field inside, but it made it great for hosting events.  They had tons for tents, for Food, Drinks and you could even sign up for Cellphone service…

The show was great, even the opening acts.  I think the Killers were even better than I expected.  Seriously, between the venue and their new music, it was a great show.  What was even better?  How much our son enjoyed “Rocking out!”

Leigh - LOVE their new song Runaways. Jealous of your good time. I am hoping a plane ASAP.

Gail Reed - Shane’s first concert! Another great experience.

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