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The Most Wonderful Time

They say it is now the most wonderful of the year and they are exactly right.  We have had the this huge wonderful “thing” or overwhelmingly happy “occurence” happen in our lives.  For over 9 months we were unable to speak about “it” on social media.  Yes, that was an absolute horror for me, with keeping this blog.  It does sounds odd, but we added to our family and there were legal ramifications.  Well, 2 weeks ago, the ban was lifted.  This past February we were given the absolute best post Valentine’s Day Gift of our New little one, Luke Reed O’Mara.

Now, being US residents and adopting from abroad was no easy feat.  But if you truly want something done, you do it.  There were time zones I needed to adjust my day to for phone calls, too many documents to fill out, paperwork to process and all sorts of background checks.  At this point I wonder, with all my fingerprinting and clearances, what security level I could have with the US government.  While time consuming, I wanted the birthmother who chose us to have the ultimate comfort in knowing that she was giving her baby to a safe and loving home.  When we were matched last January, I nearly fell over.  It would be like taking an at home pregnancy test and finding out you were going to have a baby, in a hospital, in another country and it would all occur 6 time zones away.  I could not think — I just snapped myself out of it and waited it out.  You have the fear of the phone ringing and things will not go as planned.  But we flew to Philadelphia, left our then 6yo with my parents and drove 8 hours to Kentucky.  But, Luke was born later than expected.  That worked well for us, we needed to get time adjusted and ourselves sorted.  So sorted that we had to leave Kentucky and return a week later until he was “really” going to be born.  We did spend a good amount of time in Kentucky with him, we even went to the Louisville Slugger Museum!

Getting him to our home in Pennsylvania was one big step, but then the next was getting him to Italy.  My husband and 6yo had left the US, there was work and school for them, it was just Luke and I to figure it all out.  There was more paperwork, more waiting, and waiting in line to find out I needed to come back and wait in line again.  All so I could get a baby, only a few weeks old, a passport.  When I received it from the Agent behind the counter, I wanted to hug her.  However, I did not think that would be appropriate.

I will admit, I was scared half to death to get on a plane with a Newborn, and by the looks on the faces of my fellow passengers, so were they.  This was an over night flight to Rome, Italy, who wants to hear a baby crying?  I mentally crafted a plan to make sure he was drinking during take off and prayed he would just be quiet.  He was so quiet because he fell fast asleep!  I timed his next bottle so he would not wake up crying.  By the time we landed, I looked around to see many smiling faces.  I heard, “Oh my God that baby was so, good”  to an incredulous  “I heard nothing at all from that baby!”  At one point I think a man gave me an apologetic grin as if to say, “sorry I doubted the future sainthood of your boy…”  I just gave him a wry smile back that said, “yes, yes you should be.  He’s perfect.”





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